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Papa Murphy’s Survey: Papa Murphy’s Pizza House is the most popular Pizza outlet for Pizza Lovers. If you are a regular customer of Papa Murphy’s then you don’t have to miss PapaSurvey.

the amazing part about the survey is it is free of cost and you can be taken as many times as you want with one usage per receipt  

This survey is available at Papa Murphy’s team provides an Awesome reward for Papa Murphy’s survey. 

They give Papa Murphy’s Survey validation code | A free Papa Murphy’s Coupon code for a free meal as a reward. The customers have to express their valuable feedback to improve company services.

The customers have to respond to questionnaires Answer based on their recent visit experience of Papa Murphy’s Restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether the feedback is positive or negative.

About Murphy’s survey 

 If you recently visited a Papa Murphy’s Restaurant And Would Like To Express Your Feedback Then This Is A Great Way To share your feedback on Papa Murphy’s Survey.

 PapaSurvey is available at 

 In Each n’ every field Feedback is very important, Here Papa Murphy’s Restaurant organized an Online survey for their customers.

The Customers have to share loyal & honest recent visit experiences with Company.

It helps the company to improve services for the customers.

 customers have to fill out a Questionnaire for this survey.

Questionnaires include points such as Entire guest satisfaction, food quantity, item quality, services at outlets, dish order accuracy, the response from staff employees, purchase and payments system/method, etc.

Rewards: Papa Murphy’s Coupon code | free meal

When the Customers Complete Papa Murphy’s Survey, they get their rewards.


As a reward, The customer gets a chance to win a Papa Murphy’s Coupon code for a free meal.

Rules & Terms: Papa Murphy’s Survey

  • The user must have a purchase receipt with the survey code from any Papa Murphy’s restaurant.
  • Any internet-connected device like a computer or a smartphone.
  • Understanding of English or Spanish language to take your survey in your own language.
  • The user’s age must be 18 or 18+ at the time of taking the survey.
  • The user can’t redeem this validation code into cash or any other alternative.
  • The restaurant staff members, Directors, Officers, and their immediate family members or householders are not permitted to give this survey.
  • The user must have to complete the survey in the time period. After, leaving the time you can’t get a free validation code.

 Papa Murphy’s Survey @ – Survey Steps

Easy Steps: Papa Murphy's Survey

Papa Murphy's Survey

👉 The user must have to visit the Papa Murphy’s Survey official website at

👉 Now, you have to enter the zip code and store number that you visited. To locate the store.

👉 You are now required to finish the survey and provide them with your loyal opinion because you are on the survey page.

👉 You must now finish the survey. Your validation code can be obtained quickly.

👉 Now, you can see your validation code on your device display. You have to must note this validation code on any side of the purchase receipt and don’t miss this coupon code on your next visit.

papa Murphy’s customer service

Papa Murphy’s provides several options for customers to contact their customer service team. Here are some ways to get in touch with them:

  • Phone: Customers can call Papa Murphy’s customer service phone number at (888) 260-7272
  • Email: Papa Murphy’s has an online contact form where customers can send a message to their customer service team
  • Chat: Papa Murphy’s offers a chat feature on their website for quick answers to customer questions
  • Contact Form: Customers can also fill out a simple form to contact Papa Murphy’s guest services team
  • Social Media: Customers can follow Papa Murphy’s on Twitter and tweet at them with any questions or concerns
  • Better Business Bureau: Customers can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if they have an issue with Papa Murphy’s

It is worth noting that Papa Murphy’s has different phone numbers for different purposes. For example, they have a separate number for legal inquiries

                                     Major Pizza Chains, Ranked Worst To Best

Aside from the fried chicken sandwich, perhaps no space in the American food landscape is getting more competitive than that of pizza. Where once we were relegated to a handful of painfully mediocre national pizza chains, now quality regional chains, build-your-own brands, and discount delivery offerings dominate the cheesy landscape. So much so that some predict an imminent pizza war, which sounds both delicious and extremely messy.

Since its early days, the world of chain pizza has changed dramatically and is now faced with so many choices that picking the best one can be hard. With gourmet toppings now the norm and inventive specialty pies more or less expected, choosing the right place can seem downright daunting. Fortunately for you, we’ve traveled the country and, much to our cardiologist’s chagrin, tried a lot of pizza. Some were great, while some were downright inedible. Here are our rankings of America’s biggest pizza chains, from worst to best


The love of quantity over quality is as American as rejecting the metric system. And so it is that we birthed a place like Cicis, where you’re welcome to stuff yourself with endless pizza for one amazingly low price. For teenagers who can consume entire pizzas without gaining weight, we guess a trip to America’s favorite (by default, given the lack of serious competition) pizza buffet can be a good time. For anything resembling a decent meal, well … see ya later!

21. Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese knows that its most devoted clientele also regularly eats paste. So going all-out for quality ingredients is kind of a waste of time and resources. That’s not to say that this is the worst pizza you’ll ever have, but there is no reason a person over the age of 7 should voluntarily be going here to eat. This may be partially why most locations don’t allow unaccompanied adults inside, since “lunch” would be a completely unbelievable excuse for a grown adult to indulge in subpar pizza while leering at an animatronic mouse

20. Little Caesars


Little Caesars’ great claim to fame is that its pizzas are always hot and ready. And when something is hot and ready, well, your standards tend to take a little bit of a nosedive. Such is the case with Little Caesars, where you can walk in at almost any hour of the day and have your unbridled lust for pizza satisfied in just a few quick minutes — but at what cost? It’ll only be after you’ve finished your pizza that you realize it was a horrible mistake that will be staying in your apartment long after the pain of regret sets in

19. Papa Murphy’s

If your Papa Murphy’s pizza is truly awful, you’ve gotta put at least a little of the blame on yourself. That’s because not only does this take and bake pizza joint allow you to create a staggering number of combinations from its seemingly endless line of toppings, it also requires you to bake the thing yourself. So if you don’t like the flavor profile of your artichoke, garlic, and salami pizza, that’s on you. As are any complaints about the relative crispiness of the cheese or crust

18. Godfather’s

Once upon a time, Godfather’s Pizza was a mothership for latchkey kids, where you could while away the hours between school and when mom got home by completely ruining your appetite for dinner. Beckoned in by a TV mafioso who encouraged us all to “Dooo ittt…” long before Nike thought the same way, we’d scarf this pretty average pizza at their all-you-can-eat buffet until our guts busted, then attempted to burn off all those slices with epic arcade battles of Mortal Kombat or Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Off-Road.

17. Pizza Hut

Another buffet-era nostalgia trip is Pizza Hut, where generations of little league teams used to celebrate wins and drown out losses under the restaurant’s iconic glass light fixtures. The hut-shaped buildings were a bastion of comfort food, where families indulged in big, greasy pizzas in a sit-down restaurant setting. Pizza Hut has since abandoned the full-service model, and now if you want to enjoy their food onsite you’re potentially relegated to sharing space with a Taco Bell

16. Papa John’s

The youngest and smallest of the big four pizza chains, Papa John’s promises to stand out by offering “better ingredients, better pizza.” And while it’s managed to eschew the general low-quality flavors of a Little Caesars and the overwhelming grease bomb of Pizza Hut, the stuff is still far from gourmet. Dressing up bitter cheese and white bread crust with some garlic butter sauce and pepperoncini makes for good marketing. But it is, effectively, just that: marketing

15. Sbarro

America’s favorite shopping mall snack has gone the way of a lot of shopping mall favorites. With the foot traffic from Sam Goody, Hot Topic, and GameStop falling off, the once-mighty chain had closed nearly half its stores by 2016, according to Eater. Once the largest slice chain in America, Sbarro has slid for far that it no longer even appears on the QSR 50. Or, really, much of anywhere. Think about it: When was the last time you had a slice from Sbarro? Likely, it was while waiting for your parents to pick you up after a first-run screening of “Jurassic Park

14. Uno Pizzeria and Grill

Uno has the distinction of having more or less invented Chicago deep dish pizza, at least according to Eater Chicago’s lengthy anthology of the pie’s history. An interesting fact, because anyone who’s ever eaten at a Pizzeria Uno with someone from the Chicagoland area has likely also had to endure their beratement of Uno’s pizzas. Look, we get it. You’d rather see Jay Cutler at quarterback for the next century than eat at Uno. But it is the original, and for that, it must be respected at least a little bit

13. Domino’s

Not so long ago, Domino’s had one of the more self-aware ad campaigns in history, showcasing social media posts telling Domino’s that its crust tasted like cardboard and its tomato sauce like ketchup. Domino’s got the message, and told America they were going to do better. The result was a completely revamped pizza that has propelled Domino’s from the brink of irrelevance to the largest pizza chain in the nation, selling over a billion dollars per year more than second-place Pizza Hut, and adding 258 stores in 2018 (via QSR).

12. Villa Italian Kitchen

As Sbarro freefalls into irrelevance, a new slice king has emerged among pizza chains, and it is Villa Italian Kitchen. The spot that started in Manhattan is now America’s ubiquitous sliceria, showing up in airports, turnpike rest stops, and skeletons of shopping malls nationwide. It’s improved greatly on the Sbarro model, offering tastier cheese, thinner crust, and an all-around better experience than the originator. And for a quick meal to fuel up for shopping or long-haul travel, you could do a lot worse.

11. Hungry Howie’s

Stuffed crust is quite the polarizing topic in the world of pizza. Cheese lovers find it to be an improvement on perfection. Those who prefer less-cheesy pizzas can sometimes find it vile and stomach-churning. However you feel about stuffed crust pizza, you can thank or blame Hungry Howie’s, which was amongst the first chains that brought us cheese in the crust in the mid-1980s (though FoodBeast contends the originator of the practice is Pizza Hut).

10. Donatos

There’s probably a lot of things you don’t know about Columbus, Ohio. Most don’t realize it’s the biggest city in the Buckeye State, per Columbus Navigator, or even that it’s the capital. Or, really, much of anything that doesn’t involve Ohio State football. Another fun Columbus factoid: It has its own style of pizza, a square-sliced, thin-crust variety not overly dissimilar from Chicago Tavern-style. It’s characterized by a thin crust, edge-to-edge toppings, and square slices, according to Experience Columbus, the city’s tourism arm. And it’s a style of pizza that’s best experienced at Donatos.

9. Marco’s

Did you know this fast-growing national pizzeria is the only pizza chain in America founded by an actual Italian? QSR magazine says that Marco’s is, in that sense, the real deal. Its Italian lineage may be a big part of why Marco’s was named America’s favorite pizza chain in 2019 (via CNBC), and why it climbed to be the seventh-largest pizzeria in America, notching nearly $600 million in sales in 2019 (via Nation’s Restaurant News).

8. Ledo Pizza

Though Ledo Pizza has been around since 1955 — and is a familiar name to anyone who went to the University of Maryland — its reputation outside the Old Bay State has been pretty limited until recent years. The official pizza of the Baltimore Ravens now boasts over 100 locations in seven states and the District of Columbia, with more on the way. The cult classic rectangular pizza spot might be a new name to many, but once you try it, chances are pretty good that you’ll be sold.

7. Round Table Pizza

For crispy, thinner-crust pizza enthusiasts, no national chain compares to Round Table. The crunchy bottom of the chain’s standard pie gives way to a rich red sauce and fresh toppings, making for an inherently eatable pizza that goes down easier than most. The pies also come with at least one or two big, sauce-covered pizza bubbles, which make for a massively satisfying experience whether you pop them with your fingers or your teet

What’s more, Round Table offers what could possibly be the best specialty pizzas of any top-ten chain, with Camelot-themed stalwarts like Montague’s All Meat Marvel highlighting the menu. The gourmet veggie with a creamy garlic sauce base and unique toppings like artichoke hearts and spinach have further raised the specialty pizza bar. 

6. California Pizza Kitchen

California-style pizza is the newest among American pizza styles, developed in the early 1980s in the San Francisco bay area by two chefs, Alice Waters and Ed LaDou. LaDou later went on to work for Wolfgang Puck at LA’s landmark Spago, then consult on the menu for a nationwide chain of his trademark style (via Culture Trip.). So when you’re eating at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK if you’re into the whole brevity thing), you’re getting pies created by one of the people who invented California Pizza.

5. MOD

For gourmet, make-it-yourself pizza, MOD makes a case as the best of the customizable options out there. The list of toppings here can admittedly be overwhelming, with everything from roasted corn to spicy chicken sausage to chickpeas to play with. Essentially, MOD lets you act as an amateur chef, creating your own flavor profiles to see if maybe you missed your calling. Of course, this can also lead to creating some pretty awful stuff if you don’t know what you’re doing or just got too adventurous. And if you fall into that category, it may be safer to try some of their specialty pies.

What’s great about MOD’s specialty menu is that the creations are pretty simple, so you don’t need to think too hard about if the flavors will work together. The Colexico with mozzarella and gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, and red and Buffalo sauces is always a winner

4. Mellow Mushroom

If you went to college in the southeast, you no doubt had more than your share of pizzas from Mellow Mushroom, which was considered “the good stuff” compared to your late-night $5 pies. But Mellow Mushroom still holds up even when you’re not in school. The chain’s pizzas come with a relatively sweet and wheat-forward crust that’s dotted with parmesan cheese and a light coat of olive oil.

3. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Whatever you do at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, don’t send your pizza back for being burnt. That’s because the black char on the crust is kind of the point of this “well-done,” pizza, a take on New Haven, Connecticut style that’s branched into a large east coast chain. For lovers of pizza-by-fire, no chain comes close to Anthony’s, where the hot, crispy crust supports a rich red sauce and mild cheese. All told, it’s always cooked enough that it’s never going to be soggy

The wings at Anthony’s are almost as popular as the pizza, and if there’s one chain on this list where ordering chicken is a must, it’s this one. The birds come coal fired as well, and bring a smoky, spicy taste that complements the pizza perfectly.

2. &pizza

These oblong pizzas might not be familiar to those who live west of Appalachia, but do yourself a favor: If you’re ever in the mid-Atlantic, or just changing planes at Reagan National Airport, make a point to try &pizza. The hot, fluffy dough feels almost like a perfectly cooked donut, with a crispy outside and an interior that explodes with steam when you rip it apart. Its top-tier crust aside, &pizza also boasts a menu of specialty pizzas unlike any of its competition

The basic cheese could make a case as the best of any chain, with fresh basil and mozzarella that put it up against traditional Italian pizzerias.

1. Blaze

There is an old adage that says “good things come to those who wait.” The keyword there is “old,” however, because that adage was coined long before the advent of Blaze. This Pasadena-based pizza chain boasts a similar model to MOD, with oodles of gourmet toppings that allow you to create your own culinary masterpiece. The big difference between the two is that Blaze cooks your pizza in a “pizza dome” at a scalding 900 degrees Fahrenheit, according to its website. This all means that your pizza is done in less time than it takes a Chipotle employee to tell you that guac is extra.

Okay, not really, given that Blaze pizzas take about three minutes to cook overall. But that’s still a fraction of the time of most quick-service food.


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